TuneBox feautures:

  • Works with all HPI Digital CDI’s
  • Very powerfull
  • Easy to use
  • Allows the user to fully configure it’s programmable ignition

Depending on the possibilities of your unit, the program allows you to:

  • Design and edit 1,2 or 6 curves with an accuracy of 1/4 degrees and 50RPM with an easy to use interface
  • Setup a rev-limitter for every curve separately between 3300RPM and 16000RPM
  • Setup one or two powerjets with one or two activation periods
  • Setup a shift delay, the ignition time will be delayed when shifting gears in a defined period from 0 up to 250 ms
  • Easily select your motor from the build in database
  • Retrieve the units specific information: brand, type, powerjet- and curve-availability,
  • Software compatibility (2003/2006), programmability
  • Retrieve the current configuration of the unit
  • Program the new configuration of the unit
  • Create, open and save entire projects (full configuration of a unit)
  • Open and save curves (only curve information, usefull for transfering curves)
  • Print out all project information
  • Multi-language (english, nederlands, deutsch, fran├žais, italiano)
  • -> copy your old projects (v4.0 or older) and curves to the new folder


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